Geo Data

Ajman Geo Map

An interactive map provided by the Municipality and Planning Department - Ajman to enable the segment of interested parties to access the statistics of the spatial department Open

Humanitarian aids

Interactive map showing humanitarian aids of the UAE, Arab Region and the World in the charitable work field. It connects charities under one umbrella of an integrated system using a Cloud, and links them to each other under the supervision of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai. Open

Schools Map

​An interactive service provided by the Ministry of Education that uses Google Maps to show school population across the UAE, including government and private schools. There is a unique information card for each school that contains the followinhg information: type (males / females / mixed); category (public /private); the number of students registered in the present academic year; the number of teachers and the contact information of the school administration. There is also an interactive service that directs you to the school from your current location. Open

Dams and Water Structures

The UAE Water Dams Application is an important data web application designed to provide citizens, workers and researchers with the most important information relating to dams in the country. The application shows the location and basic information of the important dams in the country such as dam height, length and the storage capacity of the dam lake. It also displays pictures of these dams and provides several tools like Near Me and Getting Direction, which shows the roads leading to these dams. Open

Energy and Water statistical data

EnWa is an online dashboard for Energy and Water statistical data, EnWa provides users with access to electricity and water statistical data covering the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the years.Historical / Current statistical data related to electricity demand & generation, water demand & production data for example is available in the here. Open

Abu Dhabi GeoSpatial Portal

Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure Public Geospatial Portal and Map Viewer.The AD-SDI Geospatial Portal provides a single point of access for geospatial information across the entire AD-SDI community. Open